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How to Buy a Used Viper:

When buyers are looking for used Vipers, they should look closely at three things including the mileage, condition, warranty status, and other. Many people think that buying a Viper is simular to buying any other production car, but it is not! A prospective buyer can save time and money by understanding warning flags before buying the vehicle.vailable on the used market vary dramatically; from the car collector who has had it stored since new, to the every day commuter. I drive my Viper about 3000 miles a year and store it in the garage during the wet seasons. The choice is yours, it may be a better investment to buy the low mileage car if you don't plan to drive it much, and you may get a better deal with a Viper that has been driven a bit more. Keep in mind that the Viper gets about 12 miles to a gallon, so make those trips count!

Be familiar with the condition of the prospective vehicle. I look at the rear tires, brake fluid, seat condition, door panels, side pipes, and rims. I found that squatting down at the rear of the car is the best way to check even wear for the tire condition. If you see uneven wear, keep in mind that new tires are about $1500 installed!

Dark brake fluid signals that the car may have been driven hard or at the track. The driver's seat and the carpet on the door (will turn fuzzy with age) with both show a lot of wear if the car has been entered and exited often. The Viper's side pipes stick out past the car and are prone to curb damage, and the rims are easy to check too.

Ensure that the VIN stamped on the car matches the registration. California residents, look under the hood on the drivers side to ensure that it is a California destination car (it will state California Emissions Standard if it is) if the car has less than 7500 miles, or else you will not be able to register it. Request having a dealer inspect the car, and review all service documents.

If you are buying a used Viper, buy a warranty. The Viper is a very expensive car to repair. Purchasing a car that has an extended warranty is very wise. Existing Chrysler warranties are only transferrable one time, so make sure that it is transferrable to you. If the car doesn't have a warranty, request that a Chrysler dealer provide you with a quote on one. I shouldn't be telling you, but there is a 100% markup on the warranties and you may have some room for getting a bargain. I got my $3000 warranty for $1500, so shop around.

Viper pricing is inline with mileage, condition, warranty status, and other elements like low production Vipers. The following Viper Registry Build information is from viperclub's web page

Year Total Units U.S. Units Canadian Units Foreign Units
'92 285 236 14 35
'93 1043 938 39 66
'94 3083 2394 246 443
'95 1577 1422 114 41
'96 721 686 30 5
'96 GTS 1166
'97 RT/10 117
'97 GTS 1671
'98 RT/10 379 341 38 0
'98 GTS 837 731 32 74
'99 RT/10 549 498 51 0
'99 GTS 699 549 72 78
'99 ACR 215
'00 RT/10 840 757 83 0
'00 GTS/ACR 949 804 92 53
'00 ACR 218
'01 RT/10 874 825 49 0
'01 GTS/ACR 877 827 50 0
'01 ACR 227
'02 RT/10 545 508 37
'02 GTS/ACR 918 873 45
'02 ACR 159
'03 SRT-10 Convertible 1875 1739 130 6
'04 SRT-10 Convertible 2433
'05 SRT-10 Convertible 2003
'05 SRT-10 Coupe 6
'06 SRT-10 Convertible 752 572 10 170
'06 SRT-10 Coupe 1117 1071 39 7



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